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Welcome to Cora's Pawtisserie, where we create healthy and homemade dog treats with love for your dog!

Cora's Pawtisserie is pleased to offer a wide variety of homemade organic dog treats in a variety of flavors and sizes. Our treats are custom-made for the four-legged child in your life!


Cora's Pawtisserie was created out of my love for my dog, Cora, and my desire to give her only the best and healthiest food I can. I love making healthy, organic dog treats from scratch for her and I love how she jumps around when I pull her container of treats from the refrigerator! Now, I want to share Cora's favorite dog treats with you and your furry friends!


Cora patiently waiting for the new
batch of treats to cool!
Here at Cora's Pawtisserie, I am constantly creating and changing recipes for dog treats that will appeal to YOUR dogs!

We all love our dogs and want to give them the best we can. Everyone snacks and our dogs want to snack too! But so many foods that WE enjoy aren't good for our dogs. Chocolate isn't good for them (poor dogs - life without chocolate!) and neither is sugar. Raisins, onions, cooked meat bones, and even some nuts (macadamia) are bad for our pets.

One afternoon, I decided to bake something special just for Cora...What started as a hobby has turned into a fun way to show Cora just how much I love her and want her to be healthy!

Cora's Pawtisserie
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